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3 C’s to Success in Healthier Living

Let’s face it, not many people enjoy working out.  Everybody wants the results and nobody wants to do the work to earn it.  At this point, your New Year’s resolution is starting to fail you.  I often encounter people who are wondering what it takes to get in shape.  Quite honestly, it’s the workout part that’s easy.  The difficult thing is your mindset in regards to working out that inhibits people from getting what they want.

These are the simple steps to help you make the mental changes to living a better, healthier life.

The scariest word in most peoples vocabulary.  The concept behind this is to set a goal and commit to it.  Everyone has something they’d like to achieve.  Whether it be to get in the best shape of their lives and lose 25 pounds, or merely just to stay healthy and stave off chronic health problems.  Make sure your goals are realistic.  Wanting to look like a fitness model by next month will be the first step to failure.  To make any sort of progress, I recommend being active at least 3 times per week.

“I’m just too busy”.  Lies!  All lies!

I travel the world for a living, spending much of my life on airplanes, crazy schedules, limited food options, sleep deprivation, and constant jet lag.  What’s your excuse?  Shush!  I don’t want to hear it!

Lol, but seriously, you are full of it.  Everyone can find time to be active, even if it’s taking your kids in a stroller for a nice walk.  Or making healthier food choices.  Here’s the secret…build up to it.  You don’t have to make a major change right away.  Most people can’t handle it.  Make smaller, easier changes that, over time, will add up to better living.  Start by being active twice a week, and try to avoid fast food, soda, extra sugar and salt and desserts whenever possible.  Once you’ve adjusted to that in your lifestyle, expand the goals.  You’ll be surprised that once you’ve adjusted to the changes, it becomes just another part of your day.

Here’s the most important step.  Without consistency, everything falls apart and nothing changes.  Even if you’re not feeling motivated, or are tired, just merely showing up is a step in the right direction.  After most physical activities, the endorphins kick in and you’ll be feeling better already.  That’s part of the problem with these 30-90 day programs sold online…it ends.  You can do the program again, but most don’t.  This isn’t a quick fix.  This is a change that should last for the rest of your life.

Here’s to you in the New Year!  To better choices and better living!

*written by Nick Williams
*edited by Chelsea Bromstad Lee