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“JitterBlast is a great workout and also an awesome way to build up the jazz and charleston movement ideal for Lindy Hop. If you are a swing dancer, think of JitterBlast as cross training”
-Shesha Marvin, Professional Dance Instructor and Owner of Atomic Ballroom

JitterBlast was a surprisingly fun and well rounded work out! I found myself shocked to be drenched in sweat at the end because the work out was so much fun and kept my mind occupied. It’s a great workout to shed pounds, strengthen your core and practice dancing! I would gladly recommend this work out to anyone who loves Swing music and dancing!
-Laura Keat, Professional Dance Instructor

JitterBlast is a great high energy workout that will make you sweat while you are having fun! It’s easily accessible to non-dancers and fabulous cross training for avid social Swing dancers. Creator, Nick Williams, is sure to keep us on his toes with his vast knowledge of Swing and fitness combined.
-Nikki Marvin, Professional Dance Instructor and Owner of Atomic Ballroom

“Awesome. As a swing dance student, this is the ultimate substitute for the gym club aerobics classes.”

“Nick will ‘kick it’ in the best possible way.”

“Having done other dance fitness programs for many years, it is refreshing to do some moves that will help me with team practice.”

“Wonderful class, great music, intervals and choreography!”

“I hate exercising, but I loved this class! I love swing dancing, but only know the basic steps. This class will help me to dance less like a robot and more like the couples who look like they’re having a blast on the dance floor.”

“I am 60 years old and still kept up!”

“Nick is an awesome teacher combining the love of Lindy Hop with a full body workout.”

“Even if the moves aren’t executed perfectly, one can still have an awesome cardio experience.”

“I run 3-6 miles every other day found JitterBlast to be great for all levels. It was a challenging workout for me, but more fun than any other program I’ve tried!”