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What is JitterBlast?


Founded in 2013, JitterBlast is an international phenomena that fuses fitness, fun and vintage American jazz dances into an exhilarating fitness program for anyone! JitterBlast exercise classes are “fitness-social events” which blend upbeat swing and jazz rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a joyful celebration.

Something for Everyone

Whether you’re young or old, male or female, Fred Astaire or have two-left feet, the JitterBlast program is for you. You don’t have to be of a certain fitness level. You don’t have to be a champion dancer. And you don’t have to dance sexy. All that’s required is a willingness to have fun.

It’s true that most fitness classes around the world are comprised primarily of female attendees, but the movements in JitterBlast are not gender or age specific. No matter what generation you come from or type of music you prefer, the driving beat and artistry of swing music inspires the Jitterbug spirit. You’ll be having so much fun that you’ll forget you’re working out.

Why JitterBlast?

JitterBlast combines the two activities I love (to the point of obsession): Swing dancing and fitness. Swing dancing, also known as Jitterbug or Lindy Hop, has been described as “a joyful celebration of life”. What better way to get fit than thru an art form which embodies fun and athleticism?

SWING dancing can make me fit?? Really?!?

Swing dancing is often distorted by ballroom standardization and media coverage. Much of the public thinks of swing dancing as a cheesy vintage dance in which we jump around like happy idiots wearing zoot suits. If this were the case, I would have run away long ago.

In reality, Lindy Hop is one of the most dynamic, athletic, and fun partner dances I have ever experienced. It combines all of the necessary ingredients to create a dance fitness program. Combine Lindy Hop with Charleston, Jazz and aerial training and voila…a well rounded fitness routine!

I have designed JitterBlast to burn a lot of unwanted calories and improve coordination, as well as improve the public perception of swing dancing (because it’s awesome).

If you already dance, or are interested in learning, JitterBlast will give you great technique and vocabulary that will prepare you for the social dance floor.

If you’re still not convinced about swing dancing being a fitness program, check out this performance from 1941:

Not only are these dancers having fun, but they are utilizing every part of their body to jump, hop, and fly in rhythm! JitterBlast utilizes these movements and more in a solo format so that no partner is required.

We’re Not Just Another Dance-Fitness Program

With all the other dance fitness programs out there, I wanted something different. Don’t get me wrong, I support anything that will encourage people to get moving and stay healthy, but JitterBlast stands apart from other programs thanks to my training and experience with fitness and performance.

This methodically designed program uses tools such as:

JitterBlast is not just dance choreography, it maximizing fitness thru a joyous dance. And as you become more experienced with the technique and routines in our program, the moves will become harder and more intense to maximize your improved strength.

So come join the JitterBlast movement today!